Date Description
January 2018 Introducing the MDI 3700 Series Brochure and Cross Reference Guide.


October 2017 Product release: 9080 Series

Introducing MDI’s 9080 Series DC – DC Converter 100 VDC Input 2 to 6 Watts Output Using GaN HEMT Rad Hard Technology
Model 9080

August 2017 Product Release: 3700 Series

Introducing MDI’s 3700 Series of DC – DC Converters 28 VDC Input 2 to 6 Watts Output
Model 3715 28 VDC Input 2 Watts;   Model 3716 28 VDC Input 6 Watts;
Model 3718 9 ∼ 50 VDC Input 6 Watts

August 2017 Product Release: 6031A 100 Watt

Introducing MDI’s 6031A Series 100 Watt DC-DC Converter

February 2017 Product Release: *3678 EMI Filter

Introducing MDI’s x3678 Hybrid EMI Filter

February 2017 Product Release: Model *3678 App Notes

MDI’s x3678 EMI Filter Application Notes

November 2016 Product Release: *3714 Series

Introducing MDI’s 18 Watt Triple Output Sequenced Hybrid Proton Rad Hard 100K+®DC – DC Converters

November 2016 Product Release: Cubesat Econ

Improving Cubesat Reliability

August 2016 Product Release: *3696 Series

Introducing the *3696 Series a 500 Watt Proton Rad Hard 100K+® Space Power Supply
MDI Model x3696 Data Sheet

July 2016 Product Release: 77°K/100K+®

Introducing the 77°K/100K+® Radiation Hardened Power Converters for Cryogenic Temperature Operations

February 2016 Product Release: SWAP-C

MDI’s Single Package Design Exceeds your SWAP-C Requirements

March 2014 Product Release: EMI

Introducing MDI’s New Series of DC-DC Converters with advanced MIL-STD461D,E and F EMI Filtering

December 2011 Product Release: 100K+®

MDI announces Radiation Hardened 100K+® Technology