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Whether your requirements call for one of our many standard parts, a standard part with a minor modification, an assembly of standard parts, or a completely new custom design — Modular Devices, Inc. is ready to assist you.

Modular Devices, Inc. (MDI) designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom power supplies for aerospace, military and industrial use. MDI has a complete thick film hybrid capacity on site, which permits us to produce unique power electronic functions for our customers quickly and efficiently. MDI can also meet challenging radiation and aerospace requirements. With its high technology power supply capability and custom hybrid facility, MDI is uniquely positioned to apply the best and most appropriate packaging technology to your diverse and challenging requirements.

MDI offers the optimum technology for each application.

Full Hybrid Power Supplies using thick film, chip and wire/surface mount components within hermetic hybrid enclosures allows ultimate power density. Low tooling and set up costs and availability of unique hybrid enclosures make power hybrid technology economical for small production runs. Careful computer aided thermal analysis and proven thermal management techniques assure high reliability. MDI's hybrid power supply technology incorporates the latest advances in high frequency techniques, power hybrid and miniature magnetic components. MDI's product capacity includes:

  • Standard, off-the-shelf DC to DC converters to 80 watts, operating frequencies to 400 kHz, power densities to 40 W/in³
  • Custom variations of standard DC to DC converters to 120 watts
  • Design and construction to military, commercial space, aerospace, and other requirements
  • Wide temperature range 200°C
Modified Standard Hybrids Converters:

The following link show MDI's standard hybrid DC-DC converter lines. Many other converter types are available. In addition, MDI can readily alter input and output voltages for custom applications.

Assemblies of Hybrids:

MDI can combine multiple hybrid converters into a custom or semi-custom high density assembly using standard or modified hybrid converters and NC milled housings. Packaging formats can be VME, SEM E or custom. The hybrid modules can also be combined with other discrete circuitry to provide additional circuit functions. This allows rapid configuration of higher level functions from available modules with short lead times and minimal development costs.

By implementing the power converter function with assemblies of hybrid converters, it is possible to achieve the same functions at different input voltages (e.g., 28 VDC and 120 VDC, or 28 VDC and 270 VDC) by just changing out the hybrid modules. Sequencing, redundant outputs, programmable outputs and other functions are available

Surface Mount Power Supplies:

MDI's design capabilities have successfully produced many surface mount power supplies for unique applications.