Date Description
February 2019 MDI Introduces our Model 3743 10 Amp Surge Suppressors

Model 3743 10 Amp Surge Suppressor is available in 28VDC, 48VDC and 110VDC inputs.

December 2018 Article in MilSat Magazine December 2018

MilSat Magazine_Dec2018_42

August 2018 Introducing The MDI Hermetic EMI Filter Brochure

The 2018 MDI EMI Filter  Brochure

July 2018 Introducing MDI’s Solid State Relays (SSRs) Brochure.

MDI_SSR_BrochureMDI-3800 Series Solid State Relays (SSRs)

January 2018 Introducing the MDI 3700 Series Brochure and Cross Reference Guide.


October 2017 Product release: 9080 Series

Introducing MDI’s 9080 Series DC – DC Converter 100 VDC Input 2 to 6 Watts Output Using GaN HEMT Rad Hard Technology
Model 9080

August 2017 Product Release: 3700 Series

Introducing MDI’s 3700 Series of DC – DC Converters 28 VDC Input 2 to 6 Watts Output
Model 3715 28 VDC Input 2 Watts;   Model 3716 28 VDC Input 6 Watts;
Model 3718 9 ∼ 50 VDC Input 6 Watts

August 2017 Product Release: 6031A 100 Watt

Introducing MDI’s 6031A Series 100 Watt DC-DC Converter

February 2017 Product Release: *3678 EMI Filter

Introducing MDI’s x3678 Hybrid EMI Filter

February 2017 Product Release: Model *3678 App Notes

MDI’s x3678 EMI Filter Application Notes

November 2016 Product Release: *3714 Series

Introducing MDI’s 18 Watt Triple Output Sequenced Hybrid Proton Rad Hard 100K+®DC – DC Converters

November 2016 Product Release: Cubesat Econ

Improving Cubesat Reliability

August 2016 Product Release: *3696 Series

Introducing the *3696 Series a 500 Watt Proton Rad Hard 100K+® Space Power Supply
MDI Model x3696 Data Sheet

July 2016 Product Release: 77°K/100K+®

Introducing the 77°K/100K+® Radiation Hardened Power Converters for Cryogenic Temperature Operations

February 2016 Product Release: SWAP-C

MDI’s Single Package Design Exceeds your SWAP-C Requirements

March 2014 Product Release: EMI

Introducing MDI’s New Series of DC-DC Converters with advanced MIL-STD461D,E and F EMI Filtering

December 2011 Product Release: 100K+®

MDI announces Radiation Hardened 100K+® Technology